Люлі, люлі(Luli, luli)


Dana Vynnytska





Ай ну люлі, люлі, люлі,
Налетіли з поля гулі,
Да й посіли на воротях
У червоненьких чоботях, а-а-а!
Цитьте, гулі, не гудіте,
Спить дитятко, не збудіте,
Бо дитятко буде спати,
Господь буде наглядати,
Доленькою наділяти, а-а-а-а!
Ось прийшла добра година,
Спить маленькая дитина, а-а-а-а!
Спи дитятко до вечора,
Поки прийде мати з поля, а-а-а-а!
Да й принесе три квіточки
З зеленого барвіночку, а-а-а-а!
Одна квіточка ‒ сонлива,
Друга квіточка ‒ дремлива,
А третяя ‒ да й щаслива, а-а-а-а!

The pigeons flew from the field
And they landed on the gate
In red boots


Be quiet, don’t gurgle
The child is sleeping, do not wake it up
The baby will sleep
God will be watching over
And will present it a good fortune

Aaaa Luli baby is asleep

Well, a good hour has come
The little baby is sleeping
Sleep, little one, until the evening
Until your mom comes back from the field
And she will bring you three bunches
Made of green periwinkle

One sleepy flower
One funny flower
One happy flower


Luli, luli
The pigeons flew from the field
And they landed on the gate
In red boots

Artist information

Dana Vynnytska

Graduated Composiiton Department at Lviv National Musical Academy, laureate of the Gaude Polonia scholarship programme funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, aimed for young artists from Central and Eastern Europe. Her half-year scholarship in Poland allowed Dana to study the material and actively perform live (initially as a female duo). She participated in recordings of artists such as DagaDana, Babooshki, Shokolad and Afro Kolektyw.

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